Sarah Steele Picture

Meet Sarah

Sarah grew up as the oldest of ten children and has had children following her ever since. A Hoosier English-learner teacher, then coach for five years, her hundreds of students and fellow teachers were on the receiving end of her poetry–for fun and for learning. Sarah believes that poetry sticks to the brain and cuts to the heart. And while she loves to speak to hearts all over the world with her writing, her first books are aimed at children–delighting their minds and inspiring their creativity.


14 Facts

  1. She lived in Spain for the first two years of her life.
  2. She spent one summer in Bolivia and one summer in Argentina and loves the Spanish language and those who speak it.
  3. She is the oldest of 10 kids.
  4. She played basketball and soccer through high school and volleyball through college.
  5. She grew up as a Michigander and is now a Hoosier.
  6. She can play the flute, oboe, banjo, tin whistle, and piano, although piano has taken center stage in her adult years (so she can sing silly songs with her kids).
  7. Her fear of spiders once confined her to her house–to keep an eye on one she didn’t have the courage to kill herself.
  8. She is a redhead, married a redhead, and has only redheaded children.
  9. She could eat spaghetti every day.
  10. Her favorite color is mint green or goldenrod yellow, depending on the season.
  11. She is a firm believer in budgeting—time, money, clothing, books, children’s toys, etc.
  12. She loves grammar, punctuation, and diagramming sentences.
  13. Square is her favorite shape—from bowls to silverware to cubed bookshelves.
  14. The reason this list has 14 facts is that…14 is her favorite number.