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MOM: A Poem For Two Voices

(Psst, three poems this week, all centered around thankfulness. I normally don't share so frequently, but in honor of a great holiday and a worthy heart posture, I hope you won't mind.) Have you ever read a poem for two voices? They're boat loads of fun, like a reader's theater. The lines that are written [...]

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Love is Fall

Love is Fall by Sarah Steele Love is red, they say Or sometimes pink Or very occasionally green With the freshness of spring But I say love is fall Love is orange Upbeat and energetic Warm and inviting A first glance An inside joke That leaves your sides aching Love is yellow Exuding joy Offering [...]

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My Rain Cloud

In this final poem reflecting on the hardship of my couple years, I talk through the messiness of messiness and the value of a trusted counselor. When it's hard to laugh, when small talk takes great effort, when you're afraid you're too much of a downer or a burden, when all you want to do is [...]

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Peace Floats

Sometimes, what starts as a good thing can consume you until you're certain you won't live through it. Most often, you do live through it only to be left with an anxiety you simply can't shake. But sometimes, by the grace of God, you can learn to do that good thing again in the way [...]

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A Lament

The months after I lost my fight with God, I experienced a new level of grief. I had not yet entered into the freedom that comes from surrendering to God and still mourned the loss of what had been. It was during this season that I was introduced to the language of lament through a pastor's [...]

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I Wrestled

I write silly books for kids, it's true. (And we're working on Book #3! You can follow along with that progress on my Instagram feed.) But here on the blog, I prefer to write to their moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas (and maybe the occasional aunt and uncle). So if you've ever lived [...]

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A Monster Bash

This past Saturday, the Otsego District Library hosted a Monster Bash in honor of The Monsterbet. We were able to use all of our leftover supplies from our monster party at the Warsaw Community Public Library, which made it an incredibly affordable event. Eighty-nine people were in attendance, and we sold another great stack of books. [...]

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The Story Behind the Poem The trees outside on our house make autumn magical. I noticed one fall in particular how thankful I was that these trees faithfully ushered in beauty for us. Every spring, they give us hope of warmth. Every summer, they burst with life. Every fall, even in the death of their leaves, [...]

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The Wait

How can you wait for a thousand years When you've only lived but thirty-one? How can you long for whom you've never met And ache till you fear you'll come undone? How can you miss one you've never known And sense a void that has never been filled? How can you hope with patient peace [...]

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