The Story of The Shoephabet

Many people have asked. (And many is an understatement.) Where did we get the idea for alphabet books? Why did we choose to self-publish? What company did we use? How did we go about making a book? And more. This post is a beginning of this conversation, though I'm sure there will be more to [...]

By | April 30th, 2016|Self-publishing|11 Comments

Impulsive Thoughts at the Libary

We are a disciplined couple. Our wedding day: December 30, 2006 When James and I were first married and aggressively tackling our student loan debt (and after we had our lives completely changed by Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University), we didn't spend a single penny without knowing exactly where it was going. My entire teacher's salary went toward [...]

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Why I Write: The Poetry Edition

I write because I have to I write because I must I write because my brain is full And I might just bust I write to share my deepest joys I write to heal my hurts I write, in part, to save my friends From my ever-incessant blurts Aaaand now I'm trying, trying to write in prose. [...]

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