I Come From

In keeping with where I'm from and since this website is still relatively new and we're still getting to know each other, here's a different approach to the Where I'm From poem, talking specifically about my hometown. I Come From by Sarah Steele December 2008 I come from Otsego where the people "Come to Work, Come to [...]

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When You KNOW It’s Your Passion: My Story

P.S. Neither my skills nor my passions have led me to believe that I have a career in taking selfies. How do you know when something is your passion? You like lots of things. You do lots of things (maybe even well). So how can you know?! I like singing, crafting, teaching, writing, reading, playing many sports and instruments, children, organizing, [...]

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I Am From

Every week or two, I'll be sharing a little peek into my writer's journal. Poems or short stories. From high school or yesterday. Deeply personal or generic. Familiar or new. I'd like to kick off with an oldie I wrote early in our marriage, inspired by George Ella Lyon's poem. I wrote this as part [...]

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Impulsive Thoughts at the Libary

We are a disciplined couple. Our wedding day: December 30, 2006 When James and I were first married and aggressively tackling our student loan debt (and after we had our lives completely changed by Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University), we didn't spend a single penny without knowing exactly where it was going. My entire teacher's salary went toward [...]

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