A Lament

The months after I lost my fight with God, I experienced a new level of grief. I had not yet entered into the freedom that comes from surrendering to God and still mourned the loss of what had been. It was during this season that I was introduced to the language of lament through a pastor's [...]

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I Wrestled

I write silly books for kids, it's true. (And we're working on Book #3! You can follow along with that progress on my Instagram feed.) But here on the blog, I prefer to write to their moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas (and maybe the occasional aunt and uncle). So if you've ever lived [...]

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The Story Behind the Poem The trees outside on our house make autumn magical. I noticed one fall in particular how thankful I was that these trees faithfully ushered in beauty for us. Every spring, they give us hope of warmth. Every summer, they burst with life. Every fall, even in the death of their leaves, [...]

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The Wait

How can you wait for a thousand years When you've only lived but thirty-one? How can you long for whom you've never met And ache till you fear you'll come undone? How can you miss one you've never known And sense a void that has never been filled? How can you hope with patient peace [...]

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The Colors of Prayer

The Story Behind the Poem If you've been around here long enough, you may have noticed that I love describing feelings with color (humility, a loved one, seasons). These colors describe the prayer of one in pain. A deep pain that sadly, too many people have felt. The loss of a child. My dear friends [...]

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The Colors of Papa

The Story Behind the Poem My Papa was a major figure in my life. Living most of my childhood 3 miles down the road from him and my Grandma was a treasure that my own children have not yet received for themselves. He attended many (most?) of my athletic and dramatic events and told The [...]

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The Story Behind the Poem If you've ever been involved in a small group, one that was committed to each other on a weekly basis, then you know that groups go in phases. We've been in a small group (our church calls them Life Groups) since October 2008 and my! have we experienced all these [...]

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