1. You get to sit with a friend (most often while your hubby babysits your children).
  2. You’re almost always the only book for sale there, making you in competition with no one.
  3. You get invited into people’s homes.
  4. You get to experience all kinds of weather (okay, this one may be a con, but remember, you get to choose what you say yes to!).
  5. You get to hang out at local events, you know, with the locals.
  6. You may chance upon a brand-new and highly marketed show, where you’ll break your selling record! (45 books, baby!)
  7. You may be invited to sell your books next to Santa (!) and he may grant your request of publishing your next book next year.
  8. You get all the stars and lights of craft show glory.
  9. You get to arrange
    and rearrange
    and rearrange some more!
    (If you’ve ever seen my living room more than once, you’ll know I love this.)

  10. You have the opportunity to add readers to your email list (with their permission, people!).
  11. And my #1 reason (okay, in this case #10) for selling your self-published books at craft shows is that you get to Meet People. Your readers, their parents, other vendors. Getting to introduce people face-to-face to your work, your labor of love, is my absolute favorite thing. Getting to hear their stories (of other writers they know), their dreams (of publishing their illustrations or stories themselves), and their reactions to my books all make craft shows totally worthwhile.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for one already!