The Shoephabet: Walking Through the Alphabet
An absolute delight when it comes to the entire package of an intriguing picture book… Child- friendly rhymes that bring life to each sketched shoe…
Duane Herendeen, Children’s Librarian Technical Assistant
My children love tracing the letters in the shoes for each page! My six year old was very interested in the story details of each letter and my eight year old loved the details put into each shoe letter.
Jen Bartlett, homeschool mom of 4
My husband and I have been gifting this to all of our friends with children and have seen not only the children enjoy this fun read but have seen the parents excited to turn the page as they read aloud.
Mary Smith
The writer has a gift for rhyme that engages kids quickly, and is fun for kids to recite.
Amazon Customer
It will make you look at your shoes in a different way.
Nan DeCook, Happy Grandmother

The Shoephabet: Walking Through the Alphabet

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ISBN: 978-1-3649-0499-9  |  60 Pages  |  Ages 3–8  |  Illustrated by James Steele

In The Shoephabet, shoes take on a new form as letters, hand-drawn exclusively with colored pencil. The engaging rhymes highlight each shoe’s personality and roll off the tongue with their great cadence.

Why she wrote it

Sarah first saw The Shoephabet artwork when James was working on it as a college student. She immediately thought to herself that the shoes would make a great border in a kid’s room someday and decided then and there that she needed to marry this man. Thankfully, her plan worked, and now two of their four kids share a room with shoes marching around the top of the wall. Each shoe stars in its own bedtime story; the kids are thrilled (so are the shoes). But the shoes are even more tickled to have an entire book dedicated just to them.