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A Look Ahead: 2017

With the arrival of 2017 comes the year I hope to publish Book #3! As I talked with my designer and illustrator about future projects, we all felt like one more alphabet book made sense, something to "complete" the series before venturing into another genre. This doesn't mean I'll never write about the ABCs again but [...]

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A Look Back: 2016

Quite a bit can happen in one short little year Your alma mater magazine may place your picture here Your family may support you And little helpers cheer And that's not all that happened In my 2016 year Many schools made welcome To hear me share my book Son Corban clicked through PowerPoint And we found [...]

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I love using color to describe a variety of things. Loved ones, birth, hardships, prayer, and this time, a season. Winter by Sarah Steele January 2008 Winter is blue like the water now frozen in a sea of glass like my hometown mug of hot cocoa that warms me through the dark, cold nights like [...]

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Short Poems on Instagram

I'm on Instagram. Did you know that? I've only been on a few months, still learning the ropes, but if you're on there yourself, look me up! @bysarahsteele You'll find contests, book sneak peeks, and the occasional photo of my little redheads. I've also been experimenting with some shorter poems combined with photos. Take a look. [...]

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MOM: A Poem For Two Voices

(Psst, three poems this week, all centered around thankfulness. I normally don't share so frequently, but in honor of a great holiday and a worthy heart posture, I hope you won't mind.) Have you ever read a poem for two voices? They're boat loads of fun, like a reader's theater. The lines that are written [...]

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Love is Fall

Love is Fall by Sarah Steele Love is red, they say Or sometimes pink Or very occasionally green With the freshness of spring But I say love is fall Love is orange Upbeat and energetic Warm and inviting A first glance An inside joke That leaves your sides aching Love is yellow Exuding joy Offering [...]

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My Rain Cloud

In this final poem reflecting on the hardship of my couple years, I talk through the messiness of messiness and the value of a trusted counselor. When it's hard to laugh, when small talk takes great effort, when you're afraid you're too much of a downer or a burden, when all you want to do is [...]

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