Poetry Is Not Just For Kids!

Update on Book #4 You didn't know there was a #4 in the works now, did you? Full of surprises here... I'm working on compiling many of my poems--some published on this blog and some brand new--into a small book of poetry for adults! And that's the reason for the many older poetry books in these [...]

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Short Poems on Instagram

I'm on Instagram. Did you know that? I've only been on a few months, still learning the ropes, but if you're on there yourself, look me up! @bysarahsteele You'll find contests, book sneak peeks, and the occasional photo of my little redheads. I've also been experimenting with some shorter poems combined with photos. Take a look. [...]

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The Wait

How can you wait for a thousand years When you've only lived but thirty-one? How can you long for whom you've never met And ache till you fear you'll come undone? How can you miss one you've never known And sense a void that has never been filled? How can you hope with patient peace [...]

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The Story Behind the Writing For my 30th birthday, I knew I wanted to do something crazy, do something out-of-the-ordinary (for me), do something edgy. So. I got a tattoo. (All right, don't roll your eyes, all you crazy people out there.) It was a stalk of wheat and the word dayenu. The wheat represents [...]

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Corn Cooking

The Story Behind the Poem This poem was to help me get over the embarrassment of ruining a main part of our first meal hosted as a married couple. (Note that I wrote it nearly 4 years after it happened. That's something pretty rough denial.) My cooking skills have vastly improved since then, but I'm still a [...]

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The Laundromat

The Story Behind the Poem The first three years of our marriage, we washed our clothes at a laundromat. Sometimes I'd bring a book to read, find the Sunday comics there, or paint my nails. Sometimes I'd go before work (5:30am!). Sometimes we went together. It was mostly...a good experience to be able to speak [...]

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