when the words in your head
are all a big mess
and they stumble and spin
while you try to get dressed
when your heart starts to race
and you’re just not sure
if you’ll ever really
find the cure
when your kids start to call
(you’re just trying to breathe)
and the day has begun
with you underneath
and the words you stored up
all through the night long
are already used
before the first song
you should pick up a book
(I choose our kid Bible)
we all sit down to read
(if I speak, I am liable
to say something harsh,
too tired or sad)
so I read from that book
it’s my daytime launch pad
the words that I read
come forth without thinking
no effort on my part
just reading and blinking
through the words of another
words ringing so true
so good and so beautiful
heart starts to renew
by the end of the story
I find I’m refreshed
and I’m able to answer
my mind is less stressed
as the daytime continues
and noises resound
and I can’t keep up with them
and my mind gets rewound
I just pull out a book
with chapters or boards
and I find myself thankful
for another’s words
sometimes when the book
ends with more children shouting
I signal One More
then they know with no doubting
that Mom’s ready to read
(and they’re ready to hear)
and in no time at all
those words give my heart cheer
so the next time you’re anxious
(or angry or blue)
pick up the first book
that is sitting by you
draw your kids to your lap
give them all your attention
let that author’s words flow
express out your tension
(and the fact that you’re resting
through reading aloud
can be our little secret)
now, go read yourself proud
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you won’t be sorry.IMG_0833