I love using color to describe a variety of things. Loved ones, birth, hardships, prayer, and this time, a season.


by Sarah Steele
January 2008

Winter is blue
like the water now frozen
in a sea of glass
like my hometown mug of hot cocoa
that warms me through the dark, cold nights
like the way I feel being stuck inside
without anywhere to run

Winter is white
like the freshly fallen snow,
inviting me to venture into the frost-bitten world
like the lights that wink at me and
beg me to stay out for just a minute longer
like our supima flannel sheets that wrap tightly
around a frigid body and make me long for more of night

Winter is silver
like the frost that coats the car,
forcing me to scrape its beauty to a heap on the ground
like the tinsel that twinkles in the Christmas lights,
incitingĀ me to stay awake and just be
like Gramma’s stunning hair and Papa’s charming beard,
blending in with the surrounding scene

Winter is beautiful.


photo compliments of Jessica Manduka

How do you feel about winter?