Let’s not leave Dad out. Try this poem for two voices with him!

DAD: A Poem For Two Voices
by Sarah Steele

I’m thankful                          I’m thankful
For my dad

For my kids

When he comes home         When I come home
And kisses Mom

Mmm hmm

And wrestles us

(I let them think
they win)

(He thinks he
lets us win)

I’m thankful for                    I’m thankful for
His hugs

Their hugs

When he wraps us
up tight

They can never escape

(We kind of don’t
want to)

It feels
Safe                                        Safe

I’m thankful we can            I’m thankful we can
Sword fight together

I pretend it doesn’t hurt

And run together

If they can keep up

And laugh together

Especially at

Each other                            Each other
But most of all

But most of all

I’m thankful that                  I’m thankful that
he loves me

they love me

No matter what                    No matter what