(Psst, three poems this week, all centered around thankfulness. I normally don’t share so frequently, but in honor of a great holiday and a worthy heart posture, I hope you won’t mind.)

Have you ever read a poem for two voices? They’re boat loads of fun, like a reader’s theater. The lines that are written together are read together; the lines that are written separately are read separately. Capisce? Find someone to read this one with you and see if you can figure it out! Be sure to give a wink and a hug when you’re through. You’ll seeeee…

MOM: A Poem For Two Voices
by Sarah Steele

We’re thankful                       I’m thankful
For our mom

For my kids

For all the food                     For all the food
She makes

They eat

When she tucks
us in to help
us sleep

When they sleep

When she laughs

When they laugh

At our jokes                          At my jokes

When she hugs us

When they let me hug them

And tells us                            And tell them
“It’ll be all right.”                    “It’ll be all right.”
We’re thankful

That we can read

Together                               Together

That we can learn

Together                               Together

That we can


*gasp* No one is
supposed to know
about that!

But most of all

Most of all

We’re thankful                     I’m thankful
She’s ours                            They’re mine
(Mostly)                                (Mostly)