Love is Fall
by Sarah Steele

Love is red, they say
Or sometimes pink
Or very occasionally green
With the freshness of spring

But I say love is fall

Love is orange
Upbeat and energetic
Warm and inviting
A first glance
An inside joke
That leaves your sides aching

Love is yellow
Exuding joy
Offering hope
Hours of carefree conversation
A smile that makes your heart dance

Love is brown
Steadfast and constant
Serious and responsible
The hand that reaches for yours
During difficult news
The obligatory hug
That turns to a sweet embrace
After a rough fight

Sometimes love is black
Mysterious and barricading
Controlling and silent
Unsure of how much to expose
Not fully understanding
The enigma that is another soul
It’s even death
A daily dying to self

But of course love must be red
Passionate and strong
Determined and powerful
Clinging to another in desperation
Standing together stronger
Than when you were alone

So you see
Love is fall
Its oranges and yellows
Browns and blacks
Deepest of reds
Incite us to get close
To the one we love
Before the chill of winter
Has frozen our hearts completely