Short Poems on Instagram

I'm on Instagram. Did you know that? I've only been on a few months, still learning the ropes, but if you're on there yourself, look me up! @bysarahsteele You'll find contests, book sneak peeks, and the occasional photo of my little redheads. I've also been experimenting with some shorter poems combined with photos. Take a look. [...]

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When You KNOW It’s Your Passion: My Story

P.S. Neither my skills nor my passions have led me to believe that I have a career in taking selfies. How do you know when something is your passion? You like lots of things. You do lots of things (maybe even well). So how can you know?! I like singing, crafting, teaching, writing, reading, playing many sports and instruments, children, organizing, [...]

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I Am From

Every week or two, I'll be sharing a little peek into my writer's journal. Poems or short stories. From high school or yesterday. Deeply personal or generic. Familiar or new. I'd like to kick off with an oldie I wrote early in our marriage, inspired by George Ella Lyon's poem. I wrote this as part [...]

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The Story of The Monsterbet

A few days ago, I shared the story of our first book, The Shoephabet. As promised, I'd like to now share our journey with our second book, The Monsterbet. When our first-born book was yet a baby, a good friend and fellow Grace alum Daniel Manduka (<---check out his website; can't wait to tap into even more of [...]

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Why I Write: The Poetry Edition

I write because I have to I write because I must I write because my brain is full And I might just bust I write to share my deepest joys I write to heal my hurts I write, in part, to save my friends From my ever-incessant blurts Aaaand now I'm trying, trying to write in prose. [...]

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