The Story Behind the Poem

Have you ever been found out? It’s an awful feeling. Heart in throat. Can’t eat. Breathe. Get out of bed. There’s a process that starts with shame and ends with grace. If you know that feeling, you’ll understand this poem.


The Colors of Humility

by Sarah Steele
August 2014

Humility starts red
When it’s unwanted
And force-fed
I’m discovered
And filled with dread
For the road that lies ahead
I’d rather just play dead

Humility turns pink
When shock is gone
Now exposed chink
Declares the sin
It starts to stink
But it’s right there—written in ink
Mind turns numb; too hard to think

Humility goes white
As facts set in
And I feel fright
At the horror
Of sin’s deep bite
I might collapse; its grip is tight
Try to ignore; too weak to fight

Humility changes black
How dare they point
I see their sack
Filled high with sin
I’ll throw a smack
I have a list of what they lack
I’m happy to expose their crack

Humility grows blue
Spirit convicts
Bids pride adieu
With tears that shake
My body through
Right to the Cross, my soul He drew
That perfect Man, me to pursue

Humility finishes red
Not in embarrassment
Nor dread
But in the active laying down
Of my life that’s been mislead
Fighting lies deception bred
“BUT GOD!” I rest my head.


Have you ever been humbled? How did you cope?