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The Monsterbet Book Launch Party

Last Saturday, we threw the party of our lives to officially launch our second book, The Monsterbet! We had coloring pages (<---they're free on our website), drawing prompts, a mix and match monster felt wall, monster puppets and pencils, build-a-monster creations, bookmarks, snacks, tattoos, and the rockingest photo booth our town has ever seen. I'll take some [...]

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Corn Cooking

The Story Behind the Poem This poem was to help me get over the embarrassment of ruining a main part of our first meal hosted as a married couple. (Note that I wrote it nearly 4 years after it happened. That's something pretty rough denial.) My cooking skills have vastly improved since then, but I'm still a [...]

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The Laundromat

The Story Behind the Poem The first three years of our marriage, we washed our clothes at a laundromat. Sometimes I'd bring a book to read, find the Sunday comics there, or paint my nails. Sometimes I'd go before work (5:30am!). Sometimes we went together. It was mostly...a good experience to be able to speak [...]

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How to market your self-published book

If you've been around here long, you know that I consider my books an extension of my family--my babies, if you will. And there's nothing more disappointing than for nobody to know about your new baby. When I published my first book and had that first copy in my hands, people started asking where they [...]

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Blurb vs. IngramSpark

I've shared a little about our publishing choices in previous posts, but today, I wanted to get more specific about the printing choices we've made. For your reference, we printed The Shoephabet with Blurb as a 60-page, 6x9" softcover trade book with economy color printing. With IngramSpark, we printed The Monsterbet as a 48-page, 6x9" soft and hardcover [...]

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I Come From

In keeping with where I'm from and since this website is still relatively new and we're still getting to know each other, here's a different approach to the Where I'm From poem, talking specifically about my hometown. I Come From by Sarah Steele December 2008 I come from Otsego where the people "Come to Work, Come to [...]

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